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Advent in Budapest

2018. Január 03.

    At the beginning of December starts one of the most exciting times of the year. Streets and squares across the city are decorated with ... Read more...


Water tower on the Margaret island


Margaret Island

2017. November 20.

The Margaret Island, also known as Rabbit Island, is one of the most visited places in Budapest which is located between Margaret Bridge and Árpád bridge, ... Read more...



Castle Hotels in Hungary

2017. Május 22.

There are many opportunities if you want to spend your holiday in a special accomodation in Hungary. Staying in a castle hotel makes your journey unforgott... Read more...



The Memento Park

2017. Május 09.

  Memento Park is one of the ten most popular tourist destinations in Budapest. It has been opened in 1993 years after the political change of Hung... Read more...



Cafes in Budapest

2017. Április 26.

Cafés became very popular in the thousand years anniversary in 1896, as Budapest organized a World Exhibition behind the Heroes Square.  Budapest had ... Read more...



Cruises on the Danube

2017. Április 25.

The Danube is the second largest and longest river in Europe.  It flows through 10 countries: Germany, Austria, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Se... Read more...



Easter in Hungary

2017. Április 12.

As a Christian country, Hungary pays attention to Easter. There are many traditions connected to it.  Some of them are the following:   ... Read more...



Team building

2017. Április 10.

What is the aim of a team building training? Its aim is to help your employees find their unknown, inner skills which will help your team to  find ... Read more...



Hungarian wine culture

2017. Március 16.

Hungary is well-known for its wines. There are 22 wine growing areas here. For such a small counrty with 10 million inhabitants, it’s a huge number. &nb... Read more...



World heritage in Hungary

2016. Április 27.

If you want to discover some memorable parts of the World Heritage, Hungarian countryside is worth visiting. Come and see two unique attractions of Hungari... Read more...



World Heritage in Budapest

2016. Április 20.

Are you curious about some unforgettable parts of the World Heritage? Come and see Budapest!  Let’s start our trip with the Gellért Hill, which i... Read more...



The Perfect Honeymoon

2016. Április 14.

When your dreams about the perfect honeymoon come true…   Have you decided to organize the most memorable and romantic honeymoon ever? It’s not ... Read more...



All Night Crash Pub Crawl

2015. November 27.

All night Crash is the name of Budapest’s first and best Pub Crawl. We have been guiding groups in the magical world of Budapest’s nightlife since 2007, an... Read more...


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