Advent in Budapest


2018. Január 03.



At the beginning of December starts one of the most exciting times of the year. Streets and squares across the city are decorated with thousands of lights. Small, wooden houses offer a lot of different traditional dishes such as stuffed cabbage served in the bun, roasted goose thigh, grilled sausages and many more culinary novelties of which is the most famous rooster testicle stew – a gourmets delight with a creamy texture in the spicy paprika sauce. Priceless. Unavoidable old favorite delicacy is delicious „kűrtőskalács“, cylinder shape pastry baked over an open fire and then coated in ground walnut, coconut, sugar or chocolate.



Warm drinks, especially mulled wine or Hungarian punch as known as Krampampuli made by raisins, dates, figs and dried plums will make you more comfortable if you are hanging out with friends during the cold night. Nothing can compare with the feeling of joy and happiness among the people. Sharing memories and experiences, or planning some events for upcoming holidays are typical topics.



Christmas Market on Vörösmarty square which is located at the end of Váci street, in the heart of the city, is a perfect place if you want to buy unique gifts for your loved ones. Eight meters high Christmas tree in front of St. Stephens Basilica is one more favorite tourist spot for taking a nice photo. There is also a free 200 sqrm ice-skating rink. In Deak Ferenc street („Fashion street“), except designer shops, you can see many beautiful Christmas decorations and smell the scents of cinnamon and honey cookies in the air like a sign of this wonderful time of the year.



Do you rather want to be a part of Christmas light tram, organized Christmas market tour, skating close to Heroes square or want to enjoy in Széchenyi thermal bath – its up on you because all you need is right here, in Budapest.



Welcome to Budapest capital of Hungary in heart of Europe!



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