CSÁRDÁS, Hungarian traditional folk dance or do you want to have a Hungarian kiss?


2018. Január 11.


National folk dance and the music style of Hungary, Csárdás, is a courting dance for the couples in traditional folk costumes. It begins with a slow section, followed by an exhilarating fast section. The music is mostly played by a Gypsy orchestra. The Csárdás developed in the 19th century from an earlier folk dance, and the word „Csárdás“ usually means „Innkeeper“. The name derived from csárda which is an old Hungarian term for the tavern.



Emmerich Kálmán, Franz Liszt, Johannes Brahms, Leo Delibes, Johann Strauss and Pablo de Sarasate are just some of classical composers who have used csárdas themes in their works. It is important to mention also the most famous example of this dance in vocal music which is csárdas from Strauss operetta:  Die Fliedermaus. (Bat)



Mark Rózsavölgyi, also known as „the father of csárdás“, was a Hungarian composer and violinist. Almost ten years living in Vienna, Bratislava, and Prague where he worked as a clerk, he dedicated himself to music, composing in the Hungarian traditional styles. In January 1848 Rózsavölgyi died and left an unforgettable part of Hungarian history behind him.



Here is the top 6 Csárdás you must listen to:

  • Brahms, Hungarian dance no.5 (1869) – David Garrett
  • Johann Strauss, II. Klange der Heimat (1874)
  • Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake Act III (1876)
  • Sarasate, Zigeunerweisen (1878)
  • Liszt, Csárdás Macabre (1881-2)
  • Vittorio Monti, Czárdas (1904)



Come and  visit one of the most  popular and unbelievable beautiful capital cities in Central Europe and enjoy the Csárdás dance live program in an ancient wine cellar restaurant or on the River Danube on a cruise with dinner and candlelight and you can be sure, you will not be disappointed, since a professional team does the best for the organization of every detail such as for transfers, quality of your dinner, good wines and not at least the dancers. Budapest as a former Eastern European city is so beautifully illuminated every evening, you could never imagine. For sure, it will be a great experience to be a part of it!


Welcome to Central Europe!



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