Cruises on the Danube


2017. Április 25.

The Danube is the second largest and longest river in Europe.  It flows through 10 countries:
Germany, Austria, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgria,  Moldova, Ukraine.

If you want to get familiar with Central Europe in an unusual way, travel along the Danube from Passau in Germany  to  Belgrade in Serbia: and you will have an unique tour. The short tour in Central Europe  takes one week long from Passau to Budapest and  back. In this super  „swimming hotels” you will eat as a king,  there is a gourmet kitchen from the different nationalities on the cruises  and you can sleep  in a cabin with bath and  balcony during your stay. Having a nice cabin is just a question of money, but of course you can find also here cheaper cabin like in hotels, it depends where is it situated.

You can simply  decide if you want mostly  relax on  the cruise and watch the landscape from you can take part just at the  city  tours  in  the capitals. But  if you  want to see and learn from the culture of the given countries, you can take part at several special  tours as well, such as Budapest by night tour, horse show with temperamental program and typical Hungarian apricot brandy and cheese cake or visiting the Sissi Castle in Gödöllő.   Sissi was wife of Francis Josef, emperor of the Austrian Hungarian Monarchy. 

During this tour  you will visit   beautiful capitals such as Vienna (Austria), Bratislava (Slovak Republic  and Budapest (Hungary).  Vienna is the  elegant city with beautiful old palaces from the era of Francis Josef  and city  of   many  world famous musians. Bratislava is the smallest city among this 3 capitals. It used to be capital of Hungary over 150 years ago and now you can see a nice renovated small down town with nice old palaces. But  Budapest has  the most beautiful view to Danube, is was called:  „Pearl of the  Danube”  and
„Queen of the Danube”.

Each capital invites you to a city tour by coach and local city guides in English  or according to your demand,  it depends on  the nationality of the groups on the cruise.    In many cruises there  are  3 or 4 groups,   sometime with 3 or 4 different languages.  English is the most popular language of course. 

The long tour takes 2 weeks long from Passau to Beograd and back  and  in some cases you  can have the chance to  fly back from Beograde to your home.

Some routes start from Budapest too,  for example cruises such as: Amadeus Diamond, Amadeus Symphony, Amadeus Royal etc.

Welcome to Central Europe!



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