All Night Crash Pub Crawl


2015. November 27.

All night Crash is the name of Budapest’s first and best Pub Crawl. We have been guiding groups in the magical world of Budapest’s nightlife since 2007, and we are the first official, acclaimed pub crawl in Budapest. We offer several different kinds of pub crawls, tailoring our services to the interests of the visitors, making us THE Ultimate pub crawl in Budapest.


We try to make the experience as fun as possible, and not just run a gamete of routine drinking and mandatory partying; we have different crawls at different times, themed crawls for holidays, like St. Nichola’s Day, Christmas and Chanukah, and have a whopper of a time planned for this year’s New Year’s Eve, a particularly crazy night in Budapest.


Our basic idea is similar to that of your average pub crawl, we take our group to a number of different pubs and then to a dancehall, disco or club at the end where the guests can dance and socialize until the sun comes up. The difference is that we visit 4 pubs ere the night is done, and the dancehall is always a place that has a party cracking on that particular day; no half empty clubs designed to rip you off, we are going to dance like the locals, with the locals.


We have been in this business the longest, and know all of the best clubs and pubs, and work together with them. Budapest is a party capital, with a great event for every night of the week, but there is also a wide variety of second class and wanna be establishments, and it is sometimes difficult to know which one is which. We know where to get the best welcome drinks, which bars are holding a power hour, where to go on a Tuesday night, where to catch the game, which place has a good party on which night, in other words, we know how to get the most out of any given night!


Join us for a fantastic voyage into the pubs and clubs of Budapest, visiting the ever so popular local Ruin bars (if you don’t know what this is, it is a Budapest specialty), themed bars, posh clubs, dirty discos, expat bars, local joints, sports pubs, dive bars, dance clubs, pool halls, Uni pubs and pretty much everything in between. 


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