The strange Budapest guide to avoid tourist spots

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2015. Június 04.

Are you coming to Budapest but already had enough of crowdy tourist spot? You're not alone! That's why we collected several unknown, and even some crazy places in our strange Budapest guide.


What's missing of most Budapest guides


Put away your Budapest guide book for a while – we're almost sure they contain the most touristy spots and sights in the capital. Instead, grab a map and discover Budapest's hidden treasures! Take, for example, the Kopaszi-gát in South Buda: this charming seaside place is an excellent alternative for Margit-Sziget (Island). You won't regret spending an afternoon swimming, sunbathing and eating a “lángos” here.


Ruin pubs are everywhere and you should visit one while in Budapest, for sure. What most Budapest guides leave out of their list is the hybrid genre of classic cafés and ruin pubs. Our favourite one is Csendes, right in the city centre, near Hotel Astoria. We've been organizing trips to Budapest for 20 years now, but this little café-slash-ruin pub was by far the most popular among our guests.


Another hidden spot is Óbuda's main square, the Szentlélek tér with the group of statues of four ladies holding umbrellas. If you love the cobble stones and the historical atmosphere of the Castle, you'll love this less touristy, almost forgotten area of Budapest. What a shame it’s also left out of most Budapest guides!


Even locals pass by these wonders


Confectionaries are everyday phenomenons – but have you ever tried to eat a top-class cake just for the feeling of having it all? We reveal our dirty little secrets for you: try Levendula confectionery, basically an ice-cream shop, where you'll get the finest ice-creams of the Hungarian capital. Another tip is to try August confectionery's mouthwatering cakes. This cake-shop is a famous one, you may find it in some well-written Budapest guides as well.


We have tips for rather crazy afternoons, too


Have you ever heard of a pinball-museum? Budapest will surprise you in many ways, like this one: we're 100% sure that most Budapest guides withhold information from you about this unique museum. Budapest has Europe's largest pinball machine collection, counting 130 machines! This is a pinball paradise for those who are more into oldschool games.


If you're more interested in history and politics, however, we'd recommend you to visit Memento Park. This place is full of gigantic statues from the times of communist dictature in Hungary. Excellent choice if you're interested in the history of the so called „Eastern Block countries”.


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