Eat like a Hungarian: what to do in Budapest against starving


2015. Május 12.

In case you're hungry for some Hungarian food, we dove right into this „exotic'” cuisine and listed for you the most famous and some rather funny dish of the people of Hungary.


Whether you plan to sit in a restaurant for an hour or just want to pop in to a fast food restaurant or bakery, both are perfect ideas as to what to do in Budapest. Everyone must try some Hungarian food, at least once in their lifetime!


What to do in Budapest? Eat until you're full! And than some...

The Hungarian are nowhere alike, for example, the French: their cuisine contains much fat and salt, not to mention sugar. In defendence we must mention that after consuming a perfectly cooked soup or a hearty dinner, you'll feel yourself the fullest ever. It’s a perfect evening programme if you don’t know yet what to do in Budapest when you’re hungry.


 For a perfect start(er), try the world-famous gulyás (goulash), a soup made of chunks of beef, potato and other vegetables, spiced, of course, with paprika. If you're more into fish soup, halászlé (fisherman's soup) is also a good choice – it's similar to goulash, but instead of beef it contains chunks of river fish.


Don't even try to resist these mouthwatering specialties


No one leaves Budapest or Hungary without trying paprikás csirke (chicken paprikash) – during the 20 years of our service, almost all of our guests were more than content with this Hungarian specialty. It's basically chicken in a fine, creamy sauce, spiced up with paprika (of course), often accompanied by sour cream.


Another guilty trip in the Hungarian cuisine is their wonderful töltött káposzta (stuffed cabbage) – guilty, indeed, while it's not a healthy one... But still, we'd give our life for that taste! This Hungarian specialty is consists of large leaves of cabbage, stuffed with meat and rice, cooked in and often consumed with a bit of sour cream. Yumm!


Eat is what to do in Budapest, for sweet tooth, too

Hungarian people who emigrated were once asked what's that special food they miss in their new places, several hundred or thousand miles away from their home country. Túró rudi was their answer: it's a sweet-cheese-filled chocolate bar, nowadays easily purchased in any store, with a wide range of versions in fillings. It’s one of the the favourite sweets of children and adults as well!


Another funny-named sweet specialty is madártej (bird's milk) which has nothing to do with birds: it's a dessert of fluffy meringue floating on vanilla custard. To the question, what to do in Budapest, eating bird's milk is a funny answer, the surprised faces are guaranteed!


There are plenty other specialties we'd recommend for you to try – for example, the kakaós csiga (chocolate snail) or the pogácsa (salty biscuits), both to be found in bakeries – but talking about food instead of eating... Is what to do in Budapest is a sin. Pop over for a weekend and fill your stomach with these tasty, crazy bits, you won't regret!


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