in Budapest/Hungary, Vienna/Austria,  Bratislava/Slovak Republic und  Prague/Czech Republic


Hotel Rooms & Apartments


  • City tour by coach  or  by boat on  the  River „Blue Danube”, 
  • Visiting the House of the Parliament in Budapest and Vienna,
  • Visiting of the Hungarian  State Opera House with aria,
  • Buffet dinner by charter boat with an illusionist  on the River Danube  in Budapest by night,  
  • Special  city tours on Segway,  by Trabant car, (funny old timer car from the Eastern Democratic Republic before the reunion of  Germany),  bicycle, rikscha or yacht,
  • City tour differently: by foot or by public transport 
  • Visiting the Jewish area in Budapest,  
  • Visiting the ruinpubs
  • Look behind the scenes,
  • Special tours for experts:  e.g.   architects
  • Visiting of the  ruinpubs,
  • Visiting of special events like  festivals   
  • „Room escape” - funny game for families and colleagues
  • Visiting of the  secret Rock Hospital and nuclear bunker in Budapest  
  • Dinner with Folklore evening in an ancient  wine cellar  
  • Visiting of caves with climb
  • Driving on the   Hungaroring by car or  Jeep also on a special and dangerous route, 
  • Travel by the  „Railway Pioneer”,
  • Choose the „Wine General”
  • Cooking course,
  • Operetta evening  and Budapest By Night, 
  • Concerts in  the Cultural Palace or in a historical building in Budapest,
  • New Years Eve Concert in Budapest or Wien,
  • Gala Dinner


  • Danube Bend Tour, 
  • Visiting of the Hungarian Great Plains: „Puszta” with horse show,   
  • „Farmers Wedding” and dinner by Gipsy music, 
  • „Puszta- Olympia” –  Competition with funny games, 
  • Tournament and King’s lunch 
  • Tour to the Hungarian Lake Balaton, (largest lake in Hungary)
  • Visiting of the  Herend China factory,
  • Visiting of the  Castle Sissi in  Gödöllő, favourite place in Hungary of the Habsburg dynasty
  • Tour to Eger – beautiful Baroque city in North Hungary
  • Wine tasting and dinner by gypsy music in  the   „Valley of the Beautiful Women” 
  • Tour to Pannonhalma: the 1000  year old monastery and church from the 13 century.


  • in  20 languages,
  • Welcome and registration at the  Airport,


  • car, coach, helicopter, bicycle, yacht, sailing boat, etc.
  • Transfer from  airport, railway station and hotel


  • Flight ticket,
  • Railway ticket:  Budapest – Bratislava – Wien – Prague
  • Conference room and many more. 


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